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Twin Backpack

Inserats-Nr.: 1000603 Anbieter: Up-Fuse


Your Everyday Bag that Loves & Respects Earth & People. Each bag is made from 30 upcycled plastic bags Certified Organic cotton (Sides & Lining) Cotton Straps & Handles Wooden Lock *No Dyes added to the up cycled material Materials Used: 15 Upcycled Plastic Bags are upcycled and re-used. This product is rain & sand proof, and is the only item available of its kind out there in terms of colours and patterns. The plastic bag material is collected, cleaned and up-cycled by Local NGO located in the Garbage City in Cairo. The NGO provide students who dropped school and worked in the informal garbage industry with a with co-education system. The Production of the bag has been done by a local sewer in Cairo , who has a small workshop that has been shut after the chines handbag products invaded the Egyptian market with killing retail prices.


  • Kategorie: Einzelhandel
  • Verkaufspreis: 70€
  • Budget pro Tag: 1€
  • Verkäuferprovision: 30.00%
  • Größe: 1m² bis 2m²
  • Branchen: Shopping & Fashion
  • Typ: Geteilte Fläche, Wand, Regal, Pop-Up-Store
  • Städte: Bayern, Berlin, Hamburg, Niederlande, Österreich

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