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Twin Back Pack

Inserats-Nr.: 1000600 Anbieter: Up-Fuse


It’s your mirror and your back. To all the travelers and spontaneous people, your adventure awaits with our specially made for you and only you backpacks.. Each item we make is only made once, in terms of colors and patterns Material Used: 30 upcycled plastic bags Certified Egyptian Organic cotton By GOTS (Sides & Lining) Cotton Straps & Handles Wooden Lock Padding 2 inner pockets to keep your daily gadgets *No Dyes added to the upcycled material Every material used is either environmentally friendly or locally produced in Egypt. This product is rain & sand proof, and is the only item available of its kind out there in terms of colours and patterns The plastic bag material is collected, cleaned and up-cycled by Local NGO located in the Garbage City in Cairo. The NGO provide students who dropped school and worked in the informal garbage industry with a with co-education system. The Production of the bag has been done by a local sewer in Cairo.


  • Kategorie: Einzelhandel
  • Verkaufspreis: 70€
  • Budget pro Tag: 5€
  • Verkäuferprovision: 0.00%
  • Größe: 1m² bis 5m²
  • Branchen: Deko & Selbstgemachtes, Outdoor & Sport , Schmuck & Accesoires, Shopping & Fashion
  • Typ: Fach, Vitrine, Wand, Regal, Schaufenster, Kleiderstange, Promofläche
  • Städte: Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Schweiz

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